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Joint Sealants and Adhesives

Our range of bituminous as well as non bituminous sealants and adhesives are the best in class and one of the most affordable products available globally.

Various products have different applications such as sealing road joints, expansion joints in buildings, concrete cracks and undulations, cement sheet cracks or holes, pasting thermocol to roofs, etc.

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Approx. 75 / Kg Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity20 Kg
Packaging Size20 kg
Packaging TypeTin Can
Surface of ApplicationConcrete
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Country of OriginMade in India
UseFor Sealing Concrete Joints
GradeA and B

A Joint Sealing Compound must display good adhesion towards concrete and has the ability to withstand extension without cracking. It must also have a low susceptibility to flow during hot weather conditions.

It should be durable and plastic, and at the same time offer resistance to ingress of solid foreign matter.

The Joint Sealing Compound is heated to temperature which will permit easy pouring into the expansion joint above the joint filler. This temperature should be well below that at which Joint Sealing Compound undergoes decomposition and should not exceed temperature as specified against each grade of sealing compound. 


It is an ideal hot pour Sealing Compound specially rubberised to withstand cracking besides having good adhesion to concrete it is also durable and is not affected by temperature changes. It has working temperature of 175???C - 185???C and a density of 1020 kg per cubic metre.


It is unaffected by petrol spillage especially jet fuel. It is therefore recommended for use in garages, filling stations etc., where there is spillage of petrol, oil and grease. It has a working temperature of 155???C- 165???C and a density of 1200 kg per cubic metre. On application of this product Mak Jet Primer is to be applied by brush or spray to ensure for proper adhesion. Care should be taken to see that Primer has sufficiently dried prior to pouring of Mak Sealing Compound into the Joint.

Usage of Sealing Compound and Primer:

The consumption, for 25mm depth of joint would be one litre for 80 running metre length.


The quantity of Joint Sealing Compound required per 100 metre of running joint per 25mm depth with various thickness in kilos is indicated below:

9.5mm thickness                     30kg
12.0mm thickness                    40kg
18.0mm thickness                    60kg
25.0mm thickness                    80kg


The quantity of Joint Sealing Compound required per 100 metre of running joint per 25mm depth with various thickness in kilos is indicated below:

9.5 mm thickness                           35kg 12.0 mm thickness                         48kg 18.0 mm thickness                         70kg 25.0 mm thickness                         95kg

Instructions for Sealing of Joints:

1. Every possible precaution should be taken to ensure that the joints are clean and free from debris and other foreign matter at the time of laying and during the curing process. 2. The primer is applied cold either by a spraying machine or by brush. Primers are inflammable and should not be placed near a named flame.

Construction and Contraction Joints:

In concrete pavements and runways, it is normal practice to provide butt joints with sealing groove 19mm in width at the top in order to facilitate the placing of the concrete. 


Mak Sealing Compounds are available in 20kg, 25kg & 200kg capacity drums.

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Approx. 1,100 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Tape Width>100 mm
Tape Length10-20 m
Usage/FeatureWaterproofing & Joint Sealing
Tape TypeAdhesive
Weight1.6 Kg psqmt
FinishAluminium Finish/ Plain finish available on demand
CompositionResin modified bituminous mass

MAK FLASH SEAL is a self adhesive sealing bitumen modified aluminium finish strip, which bonds instantly to providepermanent watertight seal. It is easily applicable on roofs using hand pressure.

1. Quick and easy to apply.2. Excellent bond to most building materials.3. Excellent bond to all bituminous substrates.4. Instant watertight seal.


MAK FLASH SEAL bonds to most building materialincluding brick, masonry, slates, concrete, wood,metal, etc. It can be applied to large variety ofmaintenance areas including drain pipes andgutters, roof joints, felt joints, etc.


MAK FLASH SEAL bonds to most building materialincluding brick, masonry, slates, concrete, wood,metal, etc. It can be applied to large variety ofmaintenance areas including drain pipes andgutters, roof joints, felt joints, etc.

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Approx. 725 / Sheet Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity10 Sheet
MaterialBitumen Filler board
Usage/ApplicationExpention joint Treatment
Packaging Type4 x 4 Feet,12 mm,18mm,25 mm
ApplicationsExpention joint Treatment
Country of OriginMade in India

MAKFILL Expansion Joint Filler Board is cane fibre soft board impregnated with Special Grade of Bitumen. It is a perfect base material for expansion joint filers. The board's compression and recovery characteristics conform to the U.K., U.S.A. and Indian Standards much above the required averages.


MAKFILL Expansion Joint Filler Board displays excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. The boards are environment friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermo Cole/plastic expansion joint boards.

Additional Information:
  • Production Capacity: As per requirement
  • Delivery Time: Within a week

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Approx. 90 / Kg Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity60 Kg
Packaging Size25 Kg
Packaging TypeBucket
Surface of ApplicationRoof
Application IndustryAutomotive
Material CompatibilityPlastic
Country of OriginMade in India

Mak Bond is a cold applied adhesive for fixing roofing felts and other insulating material on various surfaces. Mak Bond is recommended where the use of hot bitumen is either difficult or sprohibited.

Mak Bond is manufactured from select grades of bitumen, suitably blended with other raw materials, to achieve creamy appearance in semi liquid consistency.

Additional Information:
  • Delivery Time: 2 TO 5 days

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Approx. 180 / Kg Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity100 Kg
Packaging Size20 Kg
Packaging Type20 kg drums
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Surface of ApplicationAll types
Country of OriginMade in India

Mak Plast is cold applied bituminous compound consist of bitumen, resinous oils and suitable fillers to form a smooth and homogenous paste in compliance with IS : 1580- 1989. It is available in putty form.


Mak Plast is recommended for joint sealing or crack sealing of porous masonry, concrete floors, wall and roof. Makplast is used for caulking purpose for crevices and vertical joints between plates, folded sections, wood joints etc. Mak Plast can be applied with trowel or spatula.


1. Ideal for use in situation where certain degree of expansion, contraction and vibration is expected, like around J Hooks used for fixing Asbestos / GI sheets
2. Cold applied and ready to use. Does not require specialised handling for application. 3. Does not creep or flow when applied on vertical or sloping surfaces.
4. Remains plastic for a considerable time and, therefore, can accommodate a good degree of expansion, contraction and vibration.


1. In case of GI / Asbestos roof sheets, apply Mak Plast into the overlapping joints with knife and spatula after cleaning rusted joints and applying a coat of Mak Primer
2. To fix “J” Hooks for Asbestos or other roofing sheets, top of the holding bolts should be covered with Mak Plast and a limpet washer fixed as cover.
3. Locate the cracks and then widen them to a V section, about 25 mm deep.
4. Brush out the loose particles from the crack and dust it clean.
5. Paint the cracks lightly with Mak Primer. 6. Press Mak Plast into the painted crack by hand or with a trowel and finish overlapping the crack by at least 25 mm on either side.


MAK PLAST is available in 20 Kg drums.


Mak Plast should be applied at temperature not less than 270 C.


Mak Plast should be stored in sealed containers in a cool and dry place.

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Approx. 250 / Kg Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Kg
Surface Of ApplicationCement
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Country of OriginMade in India
ApplicationsJoint Sealant

Mak Poly Seal is a two pack Polysulphide based Sealant with two available grades. After mixing two packs , the mixed material provides a strong and highly elastic sealant through cross linking process. Mak Poly Seal - Gun Grade, gun applied or non sag type for vertical and inclined expansion contraction joints AND Mak Poly Seal – Pour Grade- Pouring type for horizontal joints.

Standards : Complies with DIN 18540, US Fed. Spec 77-S-00227E and British Standard BS: 4254: 1983. It also conforms to IS 12118-1.


Mak Poly Seal - Gun Grade is used both in vertical and inclined expansion/contraction joints in all types of building and civil engineering constructions such as Retaining Walls, Water Retaining Structures, Underpasses, and Tunnels, Basements, Precast Concrete Elements, Bridges, High and Low rise buildings and wherever a permanently flexible seal is required.

Mak Poly Seal – Pour Grade is designed specially for runways, subways, rigid pavements etc. i.e. for horizontal expansion/contraction joints.


1. Excellent adhesion to many substratas
2. High Movement Capability
3. Good Chemical resistance
4. Long Lasting elasticity
5. Easy to pour on horizontal joints with Mak Poly Seal Pouring grade.


Pack A is white and Pack B is black to dark brown in colour. 


Expansion/Contraction : 20 to 25%
Shear Movement : 20% 


Minimum Joint depth : 10 mm
Maximum Joint width : 40 mm
Width : depth ration : 2:1 


Surface Preparation : All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any loose particles. Correct joints depths can be determined by inserting polyethylene foam or compressible board tightly into the joint, Where joints have been treated with fibre filler board they should be raked back to the required depth and a bond breaker tape be inserted. Protect surfaces with a masking tape. 


Both Pack A & Pack B are premeasured. NO PART MIXING IS ALLOWED. Use Pack A: Pack B together. Use suitable instrument for mixing. Mix for 8-10 minutes or until smooth and homogeneous material results. Pour the mixed sealant into the joints without trapping or tool off with a spatula to a lightly concave profile. Remove masking tape.


Density : 1600 Kg/M3 ( Mixed material ) at 30 ±20 C
Shore ‘A’ Hardness : 20-25
Service temperature : 400 C to 800 C Application temperature : 5 0 C to 45 0 C Shrinkage : -1% 


Aviation fuels, Kerosene, Diesel, Petrol, Lubricating Oils, White Spirit, Dilute acid and Alkalies. 

PACKING : In 1 kg & 4 kg pack


1) Keep dry and away from extremes of heat 2) 12 months if kept unopened. 


Mak Poly Seal Primer is a single pack product and recommended for use to make the surface compatible with sulphide. It contains solvent & is highly inflammable. Naked flame should not be used nearby Available in 250 ml & 500 ml and one litre Pack.

COVERAGE : 8-10 M2 depending upon surface 


Mak Poly Seal is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. No liability can be accepted by us as suggestions and recommendations that are laid here are based on our practical working experience only.

Additional Information:
  • Delivery Time: 5 to 7 days

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Approx. 250 / Kg Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Application Methodbrush, roller or airless gun
Packaging Size20 Kg
Area Of ApplicationRoofs
Packaging TypeBucket

Category: Retail RangeINSTA KOOL ROOF 104 is an innovative coating combining strength, light weight protection and integral insulation ideally designed for Thermal insulation of all sorts of concrete and steel structures like sheeting, sheds, roofs, porta cabins etc. It is a seamless, monolithic membrane impervious to adverse weathering and extreme temperature fluctuations.
INSTA KOOL ROOF 104 is available in white shade, but it could be tinted in different colors as far as white can be.
Storage: Store under cover, out of direct sunlight and protect from extremes of temperature. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging.
FEATURES10°C – 18°C thermal insulation All year round protection: In addition to reducing conductive heat transfer microspheres reflect away radiant energy or heat from the sun during the summer months and in winter they prevent radiant heat from leaving the building Reduce need for cooling-heating, save energy and save money Ideal for thermo-insulation for all sidewalls and roofs Effective protection from Heat, Cold, Sound, Humidity Ease of application by brush, roller or airless gun Environmentally friendly with long lasting waterproofing protection Very low odour, soap and water clean upLow applied cost per square foot / meter.
PRIMARY APPLICATIONS Durability : Long life cycle Aesthetics : Modern with unlimited hues Safety or slip resistance : Excellent adhesion Cost : Competitive Preparation Requirements : Minimal Special skills or tools required : None

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