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M.K. Petro Products India Private Limited
M.K. Petro Products India Private Limited
Sector 70, Faridabad, Haryana
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Mak Elastothane EMB Polyurethane Waterproofing Liquid MembraneYes! I am interested
MAK ELASTOTHANE EMB is a liquid applied polyurethane modified bituminous elastomeric membrane coating. MAK ELASTOTHANE EMB when applied on a  surface, gives a continuous monolithic film which is rubbery and elasticin nature. The film is self curing and cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a tough elastomeric waterproof membrane.

MAKELASTOTHANE EMB has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as concrete,  brick,  wood, slates, tiles, glass and metals  etc. This is supplied also as a medium grade for roller, squeegee or brush application to horizontal as well as vertical surface.

Area of Application:

The high elasticity, excellent bond strength with concrete and other substrates, low water permeability of MAK ELASTOTHANE EMB makes it ideal membrane coating for a wide range of water /vapour proofing applications such as:

1. Foundations, Basements, Liftpits.
2. Cardecks, Podiums.
3. Roof, terraces, Balconies, Patios.
4. Sewage works and Sunken Portions.

The excellent chemical resistance of MAK ELASTOTHANE EM is used as a barrier coating for  any part of the external or internal faces of the structures where high degree of waterproofing is required.


1.Clean the surface thoroughly with wire brush, remove all dust, dirt, foreign Particles, fungi, etc.

2.All the cracks /voids shall be sealed with rubberized Mak Sealing Compound (ISI) or MAK CRETE MWP mixed with cement & sand to form repair mortar.

3. Apply Mak PU Primer @4-5 Sqm/Kg on the entire surface to be treated. Alternatively, dilute MAK ELASTOTHANE EMB in the ratio of 1:1 with water. Allow the primer to dry.

5. Apply MAK ELASTOTHANE EMB by brush or spray @ 0.5-1kg /sqm per coat on the entire surface.
2 mm APP Glass Fiber MembranesYes! I am interested
MAK POLYPLAST STANDARD is a polymeric waterproofing membrane consisting of Seven layers. The Centre Core incorporates 45 gsm Fiber Glass Tissue lends mechanical strength and dimensional stability to the product. The Fiber Glass Tissue acts as reinforcement barrier against water and moisture. The Centre Core is provided on both sides with APP polymer modified bitumen with properties of high Softening point, Heat resistance and high Penetration making it ideal for waterproofing purposes. The polymer modified bitumen is protected on both sides with thermo-fusible High Molecular High Density Polyethylene Film. It has a high tensile strength and cold resistivity to adapt to all contours.


1) UV Resistant
2) Increase flexibility at low temperature
3) Excellent weathering
4) Fire resistant

Areas of Application:

1) Airport aprons & Ramp areas
2) Bridges & Tunnels
3) Inverted roofs & Parapets
4) Terrace, Balconies & Patios
5) Concrete Foundation & Footings
6) Basement & Pile Heads
7) Swimming Pools
8) Water retaining bodies and tanks.

Application Procedure:

1. The Surface has to be cleaned to have a smooth surface.
2. Apply a coat of MAK PRIMER @ 0.3 L /sqm 3. MAK POLYPLAST STANDARD is unrolled over the coated Surface and bonded completely on the substrate with overlaps of 10 cm on the side and 15 cm on the end joints. The overlaps are sealed with Flame or Blown Bitumen.
4. Laying 120 gsm geotextile as separation layer for covering application
5. MAK POLYPLAST SUPERLAY is topped with Cement Screed or tiles for covering  application otherwise for exposed areas MAK SILVER (Bituminous paint) is to be laid over the membrane.

Health and Safety:

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data.
Mak Premix Ready Mix Road Repair Patching CompoundYes! I am interested
Mak Premix is an instant road repair compound which is manufactured with a blend of bitumen, aggregates and high grade polymers to ensure immediate bonding with existing surface. Repair of heavily trafficked road and airfield pavements using conventional materials and procedures is difficult, inconvenient to user and generally not very satisfactory. For such locations, ready to use patching materials to up- keep pavement traffic worthy, are essential.
MAK Sealing Compound Hot Bitumen IS:1834Yes! I am interested
A Joint Sealing Compound must display good adhesion towards concrete and has the ability to withstand extension without cracking. It must also have a low susceptibility to flow during hot weather conditions.

It should be durable and plastic, and at the same time offer resistance to ingress of solid foreign matter.

The Joint Sealing Compound is heated to temperature which will permit easy pouring into the expansion joint above the joint filler. This temperature should be well below that at which Joint Sealing Compound undergoes decomposition and should not exceed temperature as specified against each grade of sealing compound. 


It is an ideal hot pour Sealing Compound specially rubberised to withstand cracking besides having good adhesion to concrete it is also durable and is not affected by temperature changes. It has working temperature of 175???C - 185???C and a density of 1020 kg per cubic metre.


It is unaffected by petrol spillage especially jet fuel. It is therefore recommended for use in garages, filling stations etc., where there is spillage of petrol, oil and grease. It has a working temperature of 155???C- 165???C and a density of 1200 kg per cubic metre. On application of this product Mak Jet Primer is to be applied by brush or spray to ensure for proper adhesion. Care should be taken to see that Primer has sufficiently dried prior to pouring of Mak Sealing Compound into the Joint.

Usage of Sealing Compound and Primer:

The consumption, for 25mm depth of joint would be one litre for 80 running metre length.


The quantity of Joint Sealing Compound required per 100 metre of running joint per 25mm depth with various thickness in kilos is indicated below:

9.5mm thickness                     30kg
12.0mm thickness                    40kg
18.0mm thickness                    60kg
25.0mm thickness                    80kg


The quantity of Joint Sealing Compound required per 100 metre of running joint per 25mm depth with various thickness in kilos is indicated below:

9.5 mm thickness                           35kg 12.0 mm thickness                         48kg 18.0 mm thickness                         70kg 25.0 mm thickness                         95kg

Instructions for Sealing of Joints:

1. Every possible precaution should be taken to ensure that the joints are clean and free from debris and other foreign matter at the time of laying and during the curing process. 2. The primer is applied cold either by a spraying machine or by brush. Primers are inflammable and should not be placed near a named flame.

Construction and Contraction Joints:

In concrete pavements and runways, it is normal practice to provide butt joints with sealing groove 19mm in width at the top in order to facilitate the placing of the concrete. 


Mak Sealing Compounds are available in 20kg, 25kg & 200kg capacity drums.
Mak Primer  Solvent Based Bituminous PrimerYes! I am interested
Mak Primer is a bituminous solution. It is highly penetrative and has good adhesion to most surfaces. Bituminous Primer for cold application comply to IS : 3384-1986 and BS 4147-1980. It is also used as an anticorrosive coating for all types of substrates.


1. Excellent Adhesion
2. Fast Curing
3. Chemical Resistant
4. Multipurpose
5. Anti-corrosive

Application Method: 

The surface must be clean, dry and sound. A thin coat is applied by brush or spray. Allow to dry completely before overcoating.

Application temperature limits: 0oC to 50oC

No thinning of Bituminous Primer is required as it is supplied ready for use.


Colour: Black 
Cure Time: 30-60 min
Shelf Life: 12 months
Chemical resistance: Excellent


 1 L Mak Primer = 3-4 sqm per coat (depending on surface roughness)

Directions for Use:

1. Surface Preparation: Concrete surfaces must be cured for at least 28 days.

2. Surface must be dry and free of grease, oils and other contaminants.

3. Large areas can be coated using a rubber squeegee.

4. Apply quickly and liberally by good quality brush, roller or squeegee.


MAK Primer is packed 20 L drums.
Mak Kote Water Based Bitumen PrimerYes! I am interested
Mak Kote is an emulsion of selected grade of Bitumen with Fibre and Fillers.

It acts as a low cost alternative to solvent based primer and acts as a waterproofing layer in itself.
Mak Enviro Cool Heat Insulation and Waterproofing CoatingYes! I am interested

Mak Envirocool is nano insulation technology infused micro fiber reinforce waterproofing coating system. It is single component liquid applied flexible water & ultra violet resistance waterproofing membrane suitable for all types of expose roof, slab, terrace etc. It helps in reduction of energy usages by less heat transfer into buildings thus keeps the interiors cool. The coating serves the dual purpose of thermal reduction & with additional waterproofing protection. The excellent crack bridging property of Mak Envirocool revenge water leakages detect cause due to hair line cracks develop on the roof surfaces. This multipurpose product serves as waterproofing coating system with thermal reduction property which results in extended roofs/terrace/water tanks life.

Application areas:

1. Terrace water and heat proofing

2. Asbestos sheet and other metal surfaces.

3. Internal and External Walls

4. Plastic tank heat proofing

5. Wood, PU Foams and Asphalt shingles. 


Plastic Felt: APP Modified Membrane With 100 Micron HMHDPE CoreYes! I am interested
MAK POLYPLAST SUPERIOR is a polymeric waterproofing membrane consisting of five layers. The Centre core consists of 100 micron High Molecular High Density Polyethylene Film. The Polyethylene Film is the reinforcement barrier against water and moisture. The centre core is provided on both sides with SBS/APP polymer modified bitumen with properties of high Softening point, Heat resistance and High penetration making it ideal for waterproofing purposes.
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Our three decades of industry experience assist us in fabricating a wide range of waterproofing membranes, waterproofing coatings, anti corrosive and reflective paints, anti corrosive pipeline coatings, road construction chemicals, joint sealing compounds. In addition, we have the sound infrastructure, facilities, and service of an experienced workforce to manufacture products as per the given specification of our clients. Makphalt products are known for the perfect mix of quality and pricing. “We aim to be an integral part of improving infrastructure construction in India.” We have our production facility as well as the corporate office located in the Delhi/NCR region where we efficiently run production operations and achieve the most competitive pricing for the entire product range. We have been doing application projects on a wide scale with most government departments (such as NTPC, CPWD, HAL, BCCL, NDMC and so on).




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